Sleeping Comfort on Queen Size Blow Up Mattress

Having friend or family visit you at your house certainly nice, but you must prepare some things to welcome them. If they are planning to stay over at your house, you must ensure that you have a spare room with comfortable bed for your guest. It often becomes a big problem for those living in a small house. Keeping an extra bed can take a lot of space in the house.


Then, what about blow up mattress? Of course, it will be a nice solution for such problem. You can easily keep the mattress in the corner and prepare it when your guest has arrived. It won’t take too much space in your house, as you can fold it down when it’s not used. You just need to get one in the right size.


Most people think that blow up mattress only comes in one size. Actually, it’s just the same like the usual mattress. You can find blow up mattress in different size for your own comfort. If you are looking for one with the most comfort, then you should choose queen size blow up mattress. It comes at the same size as the actual queen size mattress. It also has quite supportive design that can give you the best comfort when sleeping on it. 

Queen size blow up mattress dimensions are around 60” x 20” x 80”. It’s the standard size for a queen size bed. It gives you enough room to lay and roll around on the bed. It can also fits for two persons. It has the same dimensions and appearance like any traditional bed. However, many people hesitate to choose blow up mattress because of it lacks of supports.


Indeed, blow up mattress only has air blown inside it to support the body. It often brings big question on the comfort while sleeping on it. Well, it does become the biggest concern from blow up mattress. It’s true that there are many blow up mattress with issues on comfort because of this problem. Without solid supportive materials, a mattress won’t be able to give the best comfort.


However, there are still choices of comfortable blow up mattresses in stores. With the latest technology, it’s no longer difficult to find blow up mattress that has the same comfort like a traditional bed. It means that you need to spend more time to get information on the materials used to make those blow up mattresses. You also need to know the design and construction of the bed. It will be an important factor that affects your comfort.


Another issue about blow up mattress is the durability. Many people complain about blow up mattress that’s easily broke down only after a couple of times uses. This problem is caused by the construction of the mattress. Without anything other than air inside the bed, there’s big possibility the construction is not strong enough to support body weight that will lead it to fall apart.

However, there are several numbers of blow up mattresses that are built with dual chamber construction. Also, you may need to look for blow up mattress with air cells technology that gives better air flow on sleeping surface. It gives a better warranty on the strength and durability of the mattress, not to mention comfort. The outer materials also becomes an important factor for comfort. There’s not a question about the dimensions of blow up mattress as it’s exactly the same like traditional bed. For practical use, blow up mattress can be a choice. You can fold it down and keep it in the corner when it’s not used. Then, just take a couple of minutes to fill in air and have it ready for your guest.

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