18 Inch Bathroom Vanity for Your Delightful Bathroom

Have you designed your bathroom in best decoration ideas? You might have sets of decorating ideas in best wall paint color combined with the nice curtain ideas. However, there is something missing in the decoration. Do you know what that is? It is about the application of furniture sets. Even though bathroom is very personal, you should think about the nice decoration for this. The furniture should be in the best style and design. Dealing with your minimalist bathroom design, we have a god recommendation for you. It is about the application of 18 inch bathroom vanity.


Now, you should know the good specification of this small bathroom vanity. It is created in the best wood combined with the best furnishing color. When you should choose 18 inch bathroom vanity in best color, there is a wise advice for you to know. It is better for you to see your wall paint first. Is your wall paint in bright color option? If you deal with that, you may choose any color for this vanity. The darker color gives elegance. You may consider taking this for nice combination with palette color idea. Will you choose the vanity color in darker color? You should consider May things first.


Later, you should choose the 18 inch bathroom vanity with the single door. Yu might want to have vanity with double door because it gives you more space to keep your bathroom stuffs. However, it is not a great deal for you. Do you know why? It is so because the vanity with two doors must be in the large. It is not applicable for the minimalist bathroom décor. Therefore, it seems that there are not any choices for you except small vanity with single door. However, you do not have to worry about that. Even though it is in the small, the design is elegant.


Now, you may think about the purchasing job. The 18 inch bathroom vanity will be sold in the higher price if the wood is chosen in the best quality. It might be in hundred dollars when though the size is small. That is why; we suggest you to check the price in the online stores first before deciding to take the best ones. Make sure that the price for this vanity is under your estimated budget. You will get money saved if you can find stores that sell this vanity in lower price. 


Ridho, bathroom interior design experts at IDLonggrove (www.interiordesignlonggrove.com)

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